Over the years, I have become more and more careful with my belongings especially in keeping them safe while travelling. Rarely I do misplace or lose items. One such time was last year when I lost my iPad at a Microsoft Conference in Atlanta, USA and got it back.

Today was the turn of my teenage son. Yesterday evening, I and son had landed at Chennai Airport after a good vacation at Kerala’s Kumarakom and my son had forgotten to take his small bag from the trolley we used. He didn’t miss it, till today morning. Morning, he got up and was frantically looking for his phone all around the house. He asked me to ring his number, I did and was surprised to hear a lady’s voice at the other end.

The lady introduced herself as a Doctor at a Hospital in Thirumangalam, Chennai. Yesterday evening she had returned with her family and found a small bag with this phone in a trolley at Chennai Airport. The taxi driver who picked them had suggested to her not to hand it over to local police, instead to keep it safe with her. Thanks to this suggestion from the taxi driver she kept the bag and had waited for the owner to call. All night she had kept the phone next to her and praying to Lord Muruga for the elusive call from me. My son had put a PIN lock, so they couldn’t access it to call the last dialled number or something similar to find the owner.

I thanked the Doctor profoundly, got my son to write a hand-written “Thank You” note and sent a messenger to hand over the letter and collect the bag. The bag contained not only my son’s phone but his Kindle ebook reader and a pair of headphone. He was super happy in getting his items back. I got the number of the taxi-driver, called and thank him too. He told me that he had come to Chennai 20 years back for a salary of Rs.20/Day, due to his hard work today he owns his own car worth Rs.10 Lakhs and earns Rs.50,000/month. He had studied only till Standard 5, has little understanding of how smartphones work but had a good appreciation of how important phones have become for their owner. He shared with me, his relatives bad experiences with local police in getting back their lost phone – of course, due to the volume of phones lost and lack of manpower & tools the police couldn’t be fully held responsible for his poor service.

It was absolutely not necessary for the good Taxi Driver or the kind Doctor to have taken the trouble of keeping my phone safe. They had gone out of their way. It was heartening to find good samaritan’s like them in the city I call my home – Chennai (India).

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