This is my first attempt on doing a vlog (video blog). I have talked about an experience I had about 25 years back that taught me how any change in organisations can be difficult to take hold. My father was running a 60-year-old book publishing firm, the staff there was doing their stock keeping in paper ledgers and inventory management was always a time-consuming affair. That’s when I had learned FoxBase, I developed an inventory management system for the business that gave real-time stocks for all 200+ titles they had. Though it could make their job easier, the staff were resistant to the change. That’s when I luckily got into training on how to use a PC for typing letters to a septuagenarian, the manager of the business. Having learned how to produce documents he was curious about the new software I had developed. I introduced him to that and he started demanding the others to adopt it, that’s how it became game-changer.

This experience showed me what impact software can have on businesses. The important lesson was people will be reluctant for change and you got to make it palatable to them with one step at a time.

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