Kasethan Kadavulada (1972) is one of my all time favourite Tamil film; starring Thengai Srinivasan the film is an all-out comedy. It’s about how two young men join hands with their friend, a teashop owner to rob their step-mother, the teashop friend enters their house dressed as a fake holy man and causes a comedy riot. The story for the film was written by Chitralaya Gopu which was inspired by a stage play of the same name. Now Y.Gee.Mahendra, the stage veteran has been staging a replay of the same story.

Today I saw the stage play in Ramarao Kala Mantap, T.Nagar performed by Y.G.M’s troupe UAA. Though I knew the story and dialogues by heart it was still enjoyable, every scene received laughter from the audience. The play could’ve benefited with a shorter script, running over 2 hours it was a stretch.

If you get a chance don’t miss to watch the play or see the film which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

UAA has recreated this scene as seen in the film (picture taken with OnePlus 3T in manual mode)

All the actors on stage have done their parts well

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