Adhey Kangal (1967) was a mystery thriller, a rare genre for Tamil cinema of those days, the film by Director A C Tirulokchandar was remembered for decades. When I heard about a film getting released with the same title by a debut director I was curious about whether he would be doing justice for the title. Adhe Kangal (2017) director Rohin Venkatesan has given us an entertaining film with a bit less mystery quotient compared to the older film but still an interesting one.

The story is about a young chef Varun, visually challenged who is running his own restaurant successfully. A young reporter Sadhana is in love with Varun but he falls for a sales girl Deepa. After a road accident, by weird luck, Varun gets his eyesight back but that turns out to be not all good. Did Varun marry Deepa or Sadhana?. That’s what is the film about with an ample dose of deception & murders.

As Varun, Madras (2014) fame Kalaiyarasan and Avan Ivan (2011) Janani Iyer as Sadhana have done their roles well, but it’s Sshivada as Deepa who steals our heart with our impressive performance and stunts.  Ghibran has composed hummable tunes for the songs – Adiyae NeePonapokkil. For 2 hours running film, the storytelling could’ve been crisper than it was.

Overall, a good watch for this January. Congrats to Rohin Venkatesan.

Sshivada and Kalaiyarasan 

Sshivada and Kalaiyarasan – அதே கண்கள்

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