I have been using Sony Xperia Z3 as my phone for nearly a year now. The phone worked fine with good battery life and comfortable to hold. It even survived a 20 feet drop few months back.  With a 20 MP back camera it produced mediocre pictures, often they were being shot only in a reduced 8MP mode due to some software/app issue.  The 2.2MP selfie camera was bad with a limited coverage angle of objects in front.  Checking on ReGlobe I saw they were offering Rs.8000 for buying the phone, I went ahead and sold it.

Looking for a new phone, I was clear that I didn’t want to spend a lot like in buying a premium phone like an iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, though I love the camera those phones have. I don’t play much of games, so high power graphics or cutting edge processor like Snapdragon 820 is not needed. In the market now there are lot of good Android phones from Chinese manufacturers that cost less than Rs.15,000 (USD 220) and are good enough for my usage. Moto G4 Plus that got released last month in India for Rs.14,999 fitted my requirement perfectly.


Moto G4 Plus – Quad Core, 16MP Camera, 3GB RAM & 32GB storage

Moto G4 Plus has 5.5 inches display, Quad Core Snapdragon 617, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Dual SIM, MicroSD slot and Android v6.0 Marshmallow with Lenovo promising upgrade to next two OS releases. Two features which sealed it for me was the fingerprint sensor and excellent camera – front was 5MP with wide angle, back was 16MP with laser focus & support for PDAF.

I have been using the phone for over a month now and extremely happy with it. Phone works great, feels lightweight and snappier in usage. The 3000mAh battery easily gives me over 24 hours with my moderate to heavy usage with defaults settings. In just 15 minutes the quick charge is able to get the battery over 50% mark. Photographs from both the cameras are great for the price, low light is acceptable. Best selfies from any of the phones I owned before this.

Below are few photographs I took with the phone during my recent trip to Thailand.


Selfie taken with Moto G4 Plus front 5MP camera

Selfie taken with Moto G4 Plus front 5MP camera

Moto G4 Plus back camera producing good outdoor pictures even on a cloudy day


Moto G4 Plus back camera producing good indoor pictures with natural lighting


Moto G4 Plus back camera takes fine indoor pictures, realistic color capture

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