This movie will help to settle that Music Director G.V.Prakash is now an established Actor and Hero, after the mass hit of Trisha Illana Nayanthara (2015) he had it almost secured.

Enakku Innoru Per Irukku (2016) is a comedy film that has action sequences limited in number and scope to the extend we will accept G.V.Prakash performing them. For that we need to congratulate the judgement of Sam Anton the Director of Darling (2015) fame. In the first fifteen minutes of the film you can guess almost the entire story, but if you rest your left brain the film turns out to be enjoyable.

The story is stone age old in Kollywood. Naina played by Saravanan is a good hearted gang leader of Chennai’s Royapuram area who is searching for a skilled fighter to be the bridegroom for his daughter Hema (Kayal Anandhi). Instead Naina’s handymen played by Karunas and Yogi Babu identify Johnny (G.V.Prakash) a layabout who falls sick on the sight of blood, mistaking Johnny to be a thug they get Hema married to him. Meanwhile an old enemy of Naina seek to revenge him, how Johnny wins over him is the story. 

For finding Naina’s successor, Yogi Babu conducts a TV show style search which was entertaining.  Thank God, VTV Ganesh as Johnny’s father Benjanim is not playing yet another well wisher to hero’s love. Charle as Naina’s right hand has delivered a good performance. Instead of dragging with huge fight sequences, then a coward turning into brave, Johnny is shown using Brain over muscle. Benjamin comes up with ways to defeat the villain that overcomes Johnny’s phobia of blood. Music by G.V.Prakash feels stale and routine, in most places for background score he has borrowed from hit films of the past, though he wins applause from the audience it makes the film unmemorable.


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