The 2013 film Now You See Me was such an interesting one with it’s freshness and speed that I was expecting a shabby sequel with NYSM2. I was proven wrong. The horseman with a new lady lead, their FBI handler Dylan and their rival Bradley together have given yet another nail biting film.

Unlike NYSM the sequel has only one act of heist on stage, but it turns out to be one for the survival of horseman and Dylan. Did they succeed in this, who is against them this time around is the story of NYSM2.

The Horseman find themselves to be in Macau after going down in a tube in New York after they fail in their first act of unmasking a cyber entrepreneur who aims to steal private data of everyone. As we keep wondering how this happened who is behind it all, we see a new villain and a brother to one of the horseman Merritt McKinney – Woody Harrelson has played the dual role well.

The climax in London’s River Thames and a flying aircraft was simple yet a brilliant finale. Go to the theatre soon to see NYSM2, otherwise you will miss the master magicians on screen for good.



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