I saw SRK‘s Fan (2016) today. Seeing the young Shah Rukh Khan once again on the screen should be a treat for his fans. The story is about a superstar Aryan Khanna modelled on real-life SRK living in Mumbai and his encounter with his diehard fan Gaurav Chadana from Delhi. We all are familiar with the face of a fan who adores his screen idol, similarly the face of celebrities when they bask and cherish the adoration from their fans.

Fan sheds light on the other face of both the humble fan and the superstar. SRK has shown a remarkable contrast between the two characters, playing both roles truthfully.

I enjoyed the first half where the story revolves around Gaurav, his travel to Mumbai, attempts to see his idol, we are able to relate to and feel for Gaurav. After Gaurav’s bitter encounter with Aryan, we start feeling sorry for Aryan. And that’s where the screenplay starts wobbling. Their encounters and incidents in Europe are unbelievable. The climax plays mostly on expected lines.

Shah Rukh Khan in Fans (2016)

Shah Rukh Khan in Fan (2016)

The script is a risky one to handle, SRK should be appreciated for going for it. Other than that and seeing youthful SRK, Fan (2016) is not breezy enough.

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