What a movie, Spotlight (2015) was. Not a bit surprising it won Oscar Academy award for Best Picture for 2015.

The story is about a group of journalist in The Boston Globe newspaper’s spotlight team, who piece together around 2001-2003 the child molestation abuses in Boston area that was deep rooted amongst Roman Catholic priests. For their great work the original spotlight team won Pulitzer Prize in 2003.

This story could’ve been told from the angle of victims which would’ve made the film a sad and emotionally painful to watch, telling it from the perspective of catholic church would’ve become a propoganda piece, covering it wide angle and expanding the role of paper’s publisher and lawyers would have killed the plot. Instead pivoting the real life story on the journalist, has given us a treat to watch, a feeling of truth triumph over injustice. Kudos to Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer.

A must watch!


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