With the proliferation of mobile devices we have in our houses nowadays, the power outlet in our living rooms look like a mini telephonic exchange with multiple chargers and cables abound. I was looking for a simple unified charging hub that connects to AC power and can simultaneously many devices. I found the perfect one today at a local store for Rs.900.

The gadget is called “Portronics UFO Home Charger”, has the AC-DC conversion in-built so no need of the big fat adapter that keeps falling down from AC power socket. It has 6 USB ports that can charge any device with a USB charging cable. It has a rating of 8A, which is important if you want to charge higher current rated devices like iPad. I have tested the device connected to an iPad Air 2, iPad 3 and to 3 Android phones, it all worked fine.

Searching online I found the same product to available for Rs.699 to Rs.720 from Snapdeal and Amazon.


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