Thani Oruvan (2015) starring Jayam Ravi in lead role as Mithran IPS, directed by his brother M.Raja is an action film with enough fodder to satisfy the interests of film critics. Mithran and his four friends including Ganesh Venkatraman, nab criminals while they are still undergoing their training in Police college. Just when you were thinking this is going to yet another Kakka Kakka style revenge film, Director surprises you with a modern day narrative. Mithran is a young police cadet who has no past baggage, yet he is passionate about being a Police Officer from age 15, he has been gathering and analysing details about criminals operating in the state with the aim of selecting and eliminating the worst amongst them. Nayantara as Mahima comes as Mithran’s classmate in the Police college and has played the role of Mithran’s love interest.  Impressed with Mithran’s character Mahima comes and tells him straight on his face that she loves him, unfortunately Mithran turns her away, later he proposes to her after tragic turn of events.

The film starts with a minister accidentally killing his party man, when a 15 year son of his party worker who volunteers to take the blame and goes to Juvenile prison; the boy grows to become a scientist, a Padma Shri award recipient, Siddharth Abhimanyu played Aravind Swamy, who has delivered a composed performance worthy of seeing in big screen after a decade. Siddharth runs a Healthcare mafia which is interested to protect it’s interest by banning entry of generic drugs in the state. Thambi Ramaiah as Sengalvarayan Minister, has played the role of a simpleton father to Siddharth very well.

There were lot of screens that have been crafted well, like the train scene where Mithran advices Mahima on how Women need not follow the bad habits of Men in the name of equality; doing what they did in the coach is setting a bad example to kids watching them. Similarly the scene where Mithran figuring out he has been bugged, the scene where he gets the fingerprints of Siddharth. I was a bit disappointed there was only one duet song featuring the lovely Nayan.

I enjoyed the last half-an-hour of the plot where Mithran finally takes on directly the criminal mastermind Siddharth, Climax having NO fist fights, car chases, foreign outdoors and hundreds of fighters, yet it was on high adrenaline with interesting twists all along. Though the story is about how Police officer Mithran takes on the powerful criminal Siddharth, Director M.Raja and Writers Subha (writing partnership of D. Suresh and A.N. Balakrishnan) score on having created an interesting screen play and good dialogues, the film could have been better if the Editor Gopalkrishna had edited the first half of the film by say 15 minutes, the 159 minutes running time was a bit long. I must congratulate the Director specially for not showing TASMAC bar scenes with a Pathos sung by Hero and his friends.

Overall, an Action Police Masala that is worth watching this season.


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