Continuing on the movie list I was watching on my return flight from USA, I saw the movie “Now You See Me“. After reading about how good this movie was from a friend’s posting in Facebook, I have been wanting to see it. The film is starred by Jesse Eisenberg (who played Zuck in Social Network), Morgan Freeman & others.

The story is on how four brilliant magicians pull off some of the most audacious robberies right on spotlight on stage watched by thousands of audiences. As an audience our interest level increases as these four are not operating on their own, but masterminded by a fifth person who is the real brilliance of the gang. We were led to suspect the long missing Lionel Shrike (the magician who drowned years ago) but finally being revealed it to be the FBI officer who was his son, though this plot was banal, still I could enjoy it.

Having watched episodes of TV show “Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed  throughout the movie I was thinking on how they pull off each of their acts. The first act of robbing a French bank from USA right on stage was great. Though the plot is common, I liked the movie which was entertaining and fast paced.Now-You-See-Me 



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