Watched this comedy movie “வணக்கம் சென்னை” today. The movie directed by first time director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, starring RJ Shiva and Priya Anand was expected to be a comedy around Chennai. The actual movie turned out to be pretty run of the mill variety. The story goes along at a single speed, it was not a drag but not entertaining as well. Director seems to have lost her way near the climax on how to end it, so the climax arrives through the verbal statement of the 3rd person in the love triangle.

Shiva does his character in his usual style, which has become stale of late. Priya Anand does her assigned role without showing any emotion or variation between scenes. Tamil Nadu Government (being the owner of TASMAC, the sole Alcohol distributor in the state) owes a big award to Santhanam for his promotion of Alcohol and bars in this movie too. Santhanam, you can now stop having drunken bar scenes – you have already done a thorough job of educating “Tamil” youth that solutions to all problems in life are available in TASMAC.

வணக்கம் சென்னை (2013)

வணக்கம் சென்னை (2013)

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