Continuing my experience of using the Nokia Lumia 920, I am doing this post. I am using a Windows Phone connector for Mac, in my iMac to sync media & photos from the iTunes and iPhoto library there. Everything worked well, except while doing sync the last few days I was troubled with an issue. I had just added to iTunes 4 large video files (each over 2GB), and then  I synced them with the Windows Phone connector. Though I didn’t select these 4 files it was trying to sync them and failing due to lack of space. Adding to this, I couldn’t see any of these files in the WP Connector App the videos had been classified in iTunes as Home Videos.  I was going crazy about why the Connector app insists on syncing these files. I tried rebooting Mac, rebooting Phone, deleting all the files in the device through Browse Devices and re-syncing, but every time these 4 files I didn’t want to get synced.

Finally by chance, in the Music category, I unchecked the “Recently Added” box. Then I tried to sync, but this time the Home Videos didn’t get synced. So my conclusion was Music settings in Playlists affect Video files in iTunes as well.

Fix the sync problems - Windows Phone Connector for Mac

Fix the sync problems – Windows Phone Connector for Mac

On further investigation, I found a better way than to turn off entirely “Recently Added”. In iTunes, “Recently Added” is a smart playlist. By editing the rules for Smart Playlist you can prevent any video file from getting picked up in that list. I did just that, enabled “Recently Added” in WP Connector and tried sync. All worked fine.


iTunes recently added a smart playlist

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