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Broke the glass in Nokia Lumia 920

This is regarding my new Nokia Lumia 920. About a week back, in the evening while at the new Phoenix Mall, Velachery I was taking some pictures with the phone of the mall’s exterior at night. Suddenly the phone slipped and fell down in the pavement, when I picked up what I saw was shocking – the entire front glass broken. I tried (with a paper tissue over my fingers as these Gorilla glass pieces can be dangerous) touching the screen, it seemed to work fine. This breakage follows the tradition in my family of breaking “Glass” of new gadgets – my son did it last year with my iPad2.

Broken glass of Nokia Lumia 920

On reaching home, I backup’d the device using Windows Phone connector app, strangely without touching and unlocking the phone (with the PIN) you can’t back up. Next day gave the phone for repair to Nokia Customer Care. Though I didn’t expect it to be covered under warranty (it would have been great customer service and gesture if Nokia did it), I was shocked when the service centre quoted Rs.18,000 + Service charges for replacing the Glass. This amounted to over 50% of the phone’s full price. Expecting some miracle I exchanged couple of emails to Nokia India Head office, finally I got a shocker from them – that the phone can’t be serviced, beyond repair. Realising I have it a wall, I went back to Service Centre and I have asked them to fix it. Expecting to get back the repaired phone in next few days.

Before you ask, I did try local repair shops – no one in Chennai seems to have the spares for Nokia, they have it for iOS devices & Samsung phones.

I am wondering. All phones get out dated within 12-18 months, and all touch phones are prone to getting dropped & broken. So instead of spending Rs.30-40K ($800) on a high end phone, how about getting a sub Rs.10K like Nokia Lumia 520 or Micromax A90S. Stolen, broken, out dated – I can buy a new phone every year and still in 3 years end up spending less than a high-end phone


  • Thiyagarajan

    HI Guys,
    I too belong to Bangalore and faced the same issue of Lumia 920’s screen got broken.

    First, when i visited Nokia Care in Bangalore and was surprised that they were charging 12K for fixing the new screen. I cant make it. So, i went to chennai and consult a local repair shop at Paris Corner (people generally not recommend to fix it there, but i did). They replaced the screen exactly looks like the original screen. They charged 6000/- and i paid it. It was working initially and later on it was not working. I asked them, they were saying it was worked when they gave it to me and they were not responsible for whatever it happens to it later. But i know they have done is what best they can do for it. Now i don’t know what to do.

    Guys, if anyone of you has fixed the issue successfully by yourself or by someone, please do let me know either it is from chennai or Bangalore. Thanks a lot.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Thiyagarajan K

    • chaitanya

      I got the digitizer glass replaced at Rs.1600/- from a local mobile servicing center. If anyone from Bangalore wants to replace their digitizer glass you can go to a store in puttenahalli, jp Nagar. Opp brigade millenium.

      (EDITOR: I have removed the contact number in the above comment, as this blog is not for promoting any commercial services or those I have no experience on)

  • Mahesan

    I cracked the screen of my Lumia 920 a month back, and I tried to get it fixed via Nokia priority centre in Bangalore. They quoted a whopping amount of 14 K, which I was not ready to pay. Finally, after a lot of research, I made up my mind and decided to get it replaced myself. I got it done yesterday. If I can do it you too can.

    I referred two videos.

    1) Nokia Lumia 920 Digitizer Glass & LCD (TFT) Display Replacement –
    2) Nokia Lumia 920 Disassembly & Assembly – Screen & Case Replacement –

    Bought touch screen digitizer and tools online (Came under 3K).

    Digitizer – (I must say that it is not as responsive as the original screen. You could go for better ones.)
    Torx screw driver set –
    Suction Tool –

    I’d like to appreciate Mr. Venkatarangan for this article. It really helped me do what I did.

    – Mahesan

  • Karthik

    I’d agree with you. Phone cost and fanciness is directly proportional to the heart break and agony involved in getting it repaired. Nothing beats the old brick type cellphones.

  • Satyabrata Rai

    Hi Kunal,

    You spent 7000 for Lumia 920?? is it?? I got my 720 broken a few hours back and it seems quite severe. Pliz let me know where in Delhi did you get it repaired.

    Desperately waiting for your response.


    • venkatarangan

      Satyabrata Rai, You may be better off buying a new phone like newly released Lumia 530 or 630 rather than repairing the broken screen. My wife accidentally broke her Lumia 820 display, Nokia is charging Rs.8300 to change the display. I am going to be buying her a new Lumia 630 for around Rs.10,000 instead.

  • md aslam

    My Lumia 920 display is crack Nokia care display replacement charges 12000/- any repair center minimum chages

    • venkatarangan

      i am afraid you got to pay that amount if you wish to have it repaired from official nokia. regarding 3rd party shops which might do it cheaper, i have no specific recommendation. check with your friends who have tried the shop before giving. its not rocket science to change the glass nowadays in smartphones. i have a good experience of changing my ipad2 glass outside and its working fine for last two years.

  • Suresh

    Hi All,
    I am also facing the same problem, the exact damage like yours (as shown in the picture). I submitted my ohone with Nokia care and they charged 10K for servicing, after 10 days they have given the phone and it was working good. After two days the entire display hanged and no response and again i given for servicing. Now 15 days over, i got the reply from Nokia care that cannot be serviced!!!!!!!!! If the manufacturer cant service.. Why they had brought the product to Market.. Now almost 30 thousands gone!!!!!

  • Binoy

    I own a nokia lumia 920 , 1and half months old. My phone’s screen got minor scratches when i kept it in the bag.
    I just want to confirm that does these minor scratches will be considered under warranty as nokia lumia devices boast of scratchless screens, even if you use it with a key or any thing as a stylus.
    Also if not under warranty, how much will I be charged?
    Thank you.

  • Kunal

    Exact Same thing happened to me. I got it changed in Delhi for Rs. 7000 from this one shop. My Iphone 4s screen broke as well. That cost me Rs. 4000. Nokia has one of the worst service centers!