Today I had a client meeting and I had to do some demos with my iPad3. I don’t have 3G in my iPad, I generally share the connection from my iPhone. Now with my shiny new Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8 OS), I tried to do the same. I could set up everything  (enable Internet sharing on phone, connect to the WiFi hotspot from the iPad) easily but for some strange reason, I couldn’t connect from my iPad. Trying to connect from the iPad, even stopped the data connection in the phone. After returning to office, I tried to connect to the Phone shared WiFi Hotspot from my Laptop which didn’t work, but I was able to connect from an Android Phone.

I purchased this unlocked phone from Flipkart (India) for full price and I am on the Vodafone Chennai 3G data plan.

Searching the web I saw many suggestions – one suggesting I change the Access Point settings (in my case they got OTA updated from Vodafone when I first turned on the phone, so I didn’t want to mess with that) and the second suggestion (#22 post by Soxpranos in WPCentral forums) was the weirdest but doing it did solve the problem. Now I am able to connect through WiFi from iPad, Android, Laptop through my Nokia Lumia 920 3G connection.

The fix was to install a Spanish (Spain) keyboard!


On a related item, while I was rebooting the phone it got stuck on the Nokia banner and refused to start up. Pressing the power button long didn’t help, and then did any other key combinations. It turns out I had to do a soft reset – this is done by pressing and holding Volume Down and Power buttons together for a few seconds. Doing that solved the problem.

To do a hard reset (which wipes the phone data), you need to press Volume Down,Power,Camera buttons together for few seconds till the phone vibrates; then keep pressing only Volume Down and Power buttons.

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