TiECon Chennai is an annual event organized by TiE industry body. This year too it happened in Chennai Trade Centre. And I am here listening to some great speakers.

GMR group chairman Mr.G.M.Rao gave a candid talk on his journey, his struggles, tough decisions that he had to take. He attributes the change of directions to circumstances rather than by any design. When the events get tough he often turns to spirituality as the source of his strength in dealing. And on how he spend 6000 hrs for developing a family constitution. We can learn from European businesses that exists for more than 30 generations.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev then delivered his Keynote Address in a discussion with Mr.Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder& Chairman, MindTree Ltd. Highlights of his talk:

  • 3 I – Integrity, Inspirational & Insight are needed for a successful entrepreneur
  • Stop creating suffering. Everyone around you teach you something that didn’t work for them. They were better off in childhood
  • Being in confused state is better than coming to some clunky conclusion. Confusion means you are still looking
  • Please run your business gently rather than running it brutally and doing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Whatever your doing your being useful to someone, realise it
  • You need Grace or access to it through somehow for you to be successful. Take full strides in your journey
  • Letting go of control at only certain height like an aircraft & not at 1000 feet-if you do that you will crash

(Photo thanks to Sandeepvarma)

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