Today I attended a marriage function that happened in a relative’s family. In the evening event they had organized a discourse by Damal Sri Ramakrishnan. I find Damal Sri Ramakrishnan’s discourses to be always a great stress buster and an uplifting and interesting talk. He brings to life the scenes in front of your eyes with his lucid language and deep knowledge on the underlying scriptures.

Today the discourse was on Sri Ramavatharam. Damalji started the discourse by a great line “Avathara is the descend of God to ascend the man up” and a continued in his fine style the birth story of Lord Rama. In Indian Astrology, Navami and Ashtami are avoided by people for doing any new tasks; to dispel this wrong idea and to bless those two stars, Lord Rama was born Navami (Sri Rama Navami) and Lord Krishna was born in Ashtami (Krishna-Ashtami).


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