The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is a fable like fiction about the first man on earth to measure time. The story is about a man (Dor) who lived thousands of years before who is obsessed with finding ways and instruments to measure time. He succeeds in his effort but fails to understand life and his loved ones. He becomes Father Time. He gets to meet God who makes him live in a cave for thousands of years then commands him to fix the life of two people in modern time who are totally different from one another. One who wants to defy mortality and other who wants to die. The novel is a salad of these three stories (Father Time, The Businessman who is diagnosed to die in few weeks, a Young Girl who has a broken heart). “Time” is the central theme in each of these characters life.

The book starts well, then I felt the author lost his way and drags it too much. As a reader it was not convincing on the reasoning behind having “Dor” live for thousands of years in the cave alone or then to send him to New York (which has no connection to Dor earlier). The last chapter reads more like a Hollywood Action movie than a book about Time.  Overall a light read.


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