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Repeat visit to Vandalur Zoo

My son has taken interest mostly by watching TV & reading books on Animals,Birds and Wildlife. He has been behind me to take him to Vandaloor Zoo (we had gone few before but that time he was small). I managed to take a break from work today & go there.

Based on the experience of our previous trip to Vandaloor Zoo, I went prepared this time:

  • Carried a well stocked picnic bag with plenty of home-cooked food, water & biscuits
  • Started from home early, so we reached Vandaloor by 10:30AM
  • Immediately on getting into the Zoo, took on hire two bicycles (The shop was run by BSA but the cycles were in poor condition)

Even though it was a working day I was surprised to find the whole zoo crowded with people. So for each animal in the zoo, there was 100 or so Homo sapiens to watch. I felt the number of animals in display were fewer compared to my last trip.






We went around the entire zoo leisurely and started our way back home around 5PM. Overall, we both enjoyed the day thoroughly.