I purchased the DVD of this movie during my US trip last year, but never managed to get interested to even open the case. Today evening I had few hours to kill, so went and saw this movie. The DVD is two-sided you have the normal 2D version in Side-A, and the 3D version in Side-B; and it ships with 4 pairs of 3D glasses to view.

Journey to the center of the earth” is a 2008 version of the story inspired by the book by “Jules Verne” (the famous science fiction author who wrote classics like Around the world in 80 days). The 3D experience right in your home was awesome. I have read the original novel in my childhood and I had then enjoyed it thoroughly. The movie’s story line is weak and the movie could have been taken much better especially with such a powerful background theme. Several glaring gaps exists – how come they don’t get burned on their way down and then way up accelerating at tremendous speed; how is there a gravity in the center of the earth?

My suggestion will be to give this movie a miss!


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