One of the advantages of Direct To Home (Satellite / DTH ) TV is the promise of uninterrupted service and being free from cable cuts, etc. Unfortunately DTH too doesn’t guarantee reception at all times as I realized today. In my house I have a Tata Sky DTH service in one room and Sun Direct DTH in another room.

It has been raining Cats & Dogs for the last two days in Chennai City due to Cyclone Nisha. There has been very little mobility within the city as most of the areas have been inundated. For me, I managed to return home in the evening now in my car with several feet of water in many places in T.Nagar, West Mambalam & Kodambakkam. After coming home I switched on TV wanting to catch what’s happening with the horrific Mumbai Terror attacks in Taj & Trident Hotels. Due to heavy rains and the thick clouds in the sky above Chennai, both Tata Sky and Sun Direct had reception problems – both at various times kept breaking due to no signal. Though both services kept breaking, Sun Direct seems to be the most affected – even when it got signal, the pictures kept getting corrupted and the set-top box rebooting often. Though on normal days there was little problem with either of the services.

Sun Direct DTH No Signal due to rain

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