Wish all of my readers in Tamilnadu a very happy “தை பொங்கல்”, for others a Happy New Year 2009. As everyone else is predicting and media shouting from the roof, this year is going to be a tough one “economically” world wide, all I pray is that the bottom is reached and it doesn’t go any worse than what is it now.

Tomorrow marks the sixth year anniversary of this blog.  Thank you all of my readers for your continued encouragement through emails and comments that you keep sending it my way. Though my blog was never intended to be a serious journalistic work of any kind or meant specially for anything other than being my scribbles and rattlings, I am gratified and humbled to see a good number of dedicated following. The page views have been growing Year-On-Year from last year to this year it has shown about 20% increase. Thank You all. image

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