Knowing nothing of Marvel comic characters watching Deadpool (2016) was a new experience for me.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is a hired larcener who falls in love with Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin. On being diagnosed with terminal cancer he opts-in for an experimental mutation-activating serum treatment. Counter intuitively he gets healed due to the torture he goes through in a secretive lab run by Ajax (played by Ed Skrein), the villain. In the process of his curing Wade Wilson is disfigured beyond recognition; to revenge for this and get a cure he goes after Ajax. In this quest he is joined by X-Men Colossus & Negasonic, two other mutants with extraordinary powers.

The costume worn by Deadpool is super cool. Typical Hollywood Superhero film with tons of action sequences and special effects. Not recommended to watch with kids due to insane amount of foul language used.




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