Dharala Prabhu
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Dharala Prabhu (2020)

Dharala Prabhu (தாராள பிரபு) is a comedy film starring Harish Kalyan, Vivek and Tanya Hope. I enjoyed the film thoroughly. Prabhu (Harish Kalyan) is a youngster, a hard-working football player, looking to land a good job through sports quota. Dr Kannadasan (Vivek) runs a fertility clinic for high-profile clients and his search for a healthy sperm donor leads him to Prabhu. Did Prabhu agree? Meanwhile, Prabhu falls in love with Nidhi (Tanya Hope) and their love faces resistance from their respective families. Did the love couple join?

Though the subject is “Sperm” donation, there are hardly any adult dialogues and no explicit scenes, a fine job by Director Krishna Marimuthu, which has made the film enjoyable to a wider audience. Though you can anticipate the twists in the film, they have come at the correct time and feel natural. Harish Kalyan has played both the roles of a carefree youngster and a responsible family man well. Next to him, the screenplay revolves around Vivek’s character, and in most places, his comedy works.  Tanya Hope has to improve a lot in the expressions department. Veteran Sachu as grandmother and Anupama Kumar as Prabhu’s mother impress us with their performance.

A fine movie to laugh your troubles away, and it is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Dharala Prabhu (தாராள பிரபு)
Dharala Prabhu (தாராள பிரபு)

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