I like “30 Rock” TV Show and because of that Tina Fey. So when the book by Tina Fey “BossyPants” came out I wanted to buy it immediately. I read the initial description and figured out I will be too lazy to go through reading the book and decided to go for the AudioBook instead, that was a wise decision I made. The Audiobook set me back by $21.95 from iTunes. I did the entire 5 Hour listening over 2 weeks during my drives and at many places the book kept me entertained.

The book is not really her Autobiography, though it is easy to conclude that way from the description and the initial chapters. She talks at length about her childhood, teenage, her first job in YMCA, her acting training days in Chicago to such great detail that at times a bit boring. In her acting days’ description, she talks about how she likes Impromptu acting on stage, that resonated with me as I have had few similar impromptu experiences on stage – which for me was certainly not on acting but on presentations & talks. She says that in Impromptu sessions it is important to always say “Yes” to whatever the other actors throw at you, keep the flow/story going and don’t take it to a dead-end – these are certainly a tell-tale of an experienced live performer.

Then the book suddenly jumps into her TV job in NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL) and then full-throttles into 30 Rock days. Her limited description of 30 Rock work days sounds surprisingly similar to seeing a 30 Rock episode – which is planned I guess. She rants at length about Womanhood & Working Women in America – though she tries hard to make them sound comedy, it comes out pale and rhetoric.

Overall, if you like Tina Fey & 30 Rock, have $21.95 to spare and 5 Hours of listening time you can give this Audiobook a try, but don’t blame me!

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