This week, it was news everywhere in the technology world about Microsoft’s new computer interface – Surface. It is basically a Coffee Table that doubles up as an interactive computer device that recognizes Multi-touch. At first, when I read the news about Microsoft Surface, I dismissed the idea as one more Fancy world imagination. After I saw a video, an article from Popular Mechanics about it and a video from, I was simply blown away.

I can imagine a day in the next decade when I might be struggling with one of these devices while my 4 Year son zips with it. It will be just like how today’s kids teach their parents on how to use Mouse and Keyboards. The entire UI for Surface I am told is done with WPF. Surface runs a customized version of Windows Vista, a rear projection screen and five cameras that look through the screen from behind to recognize and read items placed on the surface as well as to track hand gestures and touch. It has wired 10/100Mbit Ethernet and wireless 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 support built in.

I am not predicting that this exact one from Microsoft will be the only one or that this interface will completely eliminate Keyboard and Mouses. But I certainly feel that something along these lines will be a big hit in the next decade.

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