• Interviews

    My Interview in DataQuest

    A few months back I was interviewed by Dataquest magazine (a popular IT Industry Magazine in India) reporter, on our Mobile and Portal Initiatives at Vishwak. The interview got published in their April Issue. Interactions with Press is an interesting opportunity but at the same time a stressful one. It is an opportunity for good marketing and publicity, but it is stressful because you can’t afford to have your tongue slip even a bit. Having said that if you play it too cautious and textbook fashion, then the reporter gets bored and you are uninteresting as a news item. So you got to walk a fine line, for this, I admire…

  • Vishwak 10th Anniversary
    Events,  Rostrum

    Vishwak’s 10th Anniversary

    Yesterday was a big day for me and for the entire team at Vishwak. We had completed 10 Years in Business as on 1st April 2007. We had a big dinner to celebrate this on 10 May 2007 at Courtyard Marriott, Chennai. We were joined by many of our customers on this happy occasion – including Microsoft India, Hindustan Times, Hutchinson Essar, Bharat Matrimony, ChennaiOnline, K7 Computing, Wipro and others. Mr Jaspreet Bindra (Country Manager India, MSN & Windows Live) was the Chief Guest. We had many enjoyable programs in the dinner, but the one I treasured most was when we had the 10th Anniversary cake cut by Vishwakians (shown…

  • Yoga

    Protecting Yoga from Patents

    The US Patent Office has already granted 150 yoga-related copyrights and 2,315 yoga trademarks. Indian Government normally reacts too late in protecting against Patents being awarded in Western world for age old Indian traditional practices. In an unexpected sense of urgency it seems to be acting now on Protecting several Yoga techniques from being patented. “The Indian government is getting old Sanskrit and Tamil texts translated and is also cataloging ayurvedic medicines. The information will be made available in five languages so patent offices around the world can access it, according to the International Herald Tribune“

  • Technology

    JavaFx and Apollo

    Earlier it was expected by Industry pundits that Sun in their JavaOne conference this week, Sun and Adobe will announce a version of Flash with Java Runtime to combat Microsoft’s Silverlight. But Instead Sun has gone alone with their announcement of JavaFx which promises to give a Scripting Runtime, access to Java VM, 2D Graphics and more. Adobe with its Flash, Flex and Apollo is clearly the incumbent with over 98% of installed base of Flash runtime. For Microsoft Silverlight is a huge step forward in this space and they have the advantage of bringing on board day 1 – millions of existing .NET Developers to Silverlight. Sun looks more…

  • Apps,  Microsoft

    Windows Live Spaces – getting better!

    Since I blog on my own website I don’t visit my Windows Live Spaces*  that often. When I logged in today by chance, I was surprised to see the amount of improvements that has happened there – including the number of gadgets, customization options, layout and the growing feature list. I only wish they make it more easy for novices – by making things simpler and less of a clutter. I liked the What’s new feature, which shows when the blogs of my contacts got updated. The best part is it automatically picked my contacts from my Messenger list – which is a good approximation of people I know personally and whose blogs…

  • Lounge

    Toddlers – 10 Rules of Sharing

    If I like it, it’s mine If it’s in my hand, it’s mine If I can take it from you, it’s mine If I had it a while ago, it’s still mine If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way If I’m doing or building something, all the pieces are mine If if looks like mine, it is mine If I see it first, it’s mine If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine If it’s broken, it’s yours. The above list has been shamelessly copy-pasted from Shonalee’s blog. As a parent to a toddler myself I enjoyed…

  • Gadgets

    New Skype Cordless from Philips

    Last time when I was in Singapore I bought a cordless phone that double’s up as a VoIP/Skype Phone as well. This is the new Philips VoIP321 that allows you to connect normal POT (Plain Old Telephone / RJ11) and a USB cable that connects to your PC. If you are logged in your PC and to Skype software, then you can use the cordless phone as a Skype Headset as well. It is so well designed that my grandpa can use it easily, all you do is press the S (Skype) button on left-bottom, select the name of the contact, press dial to call them. Simple!. The voice quality is…

  • Book Review

    Vikram Sarabhai – by Amrita Shah

    Few years back when I read a book about Tatas I realized that we know little about Indian Achievers, I got interested in reading more such books. Recently I bought from Landmark a book titled Vikram Sarabhai “A Life” by Amrita Shah. Before reading it, I knew little about Dr.Vikram Sarabhai other than he was a popular scientist and father of Indian Space Program that too by reading about him in Dr.A.B.J.Abdul Kalams’ Wings of Fire book. As the book says I too had vague remembrance of him and confused his achievements with Dr.Homi Bhabha – the father of Indian Nuclear program. Please don’t ask what happened to reading about these people in my School…