A few months back I was interviewed by Dataquest magazine (a popular IT Industry Magazine in India) reporter, on our Mobile and Portal Initiatives at Vishwak. The interview got published in their April Issue. Interactions with Press is an interesting opportunity but at the same time a stressful one. It is an opportunity for good marketing and publicity, but it is stressful because you can’t afford to have your tongue slip even a bit. Having said that if you play it too cautious and textbook fashion, then the reporter gets bored and you are uninteresting as a news item. So you got to walk a fine line, for this, I admire the industry stalwarts who keep meeting press every day.

A brief from the Interview: TNC Venkata Rangan, CMD, Vishwak says:

Mobile operators are today facing challenges of declining ARPU and high subscriber churn. Hence, they need to provide compelling services to mobile users as Mobile Phones will be the first and only computers for many in the developing countries.

Read the full article – DataQuest Online, Print Copy (PDF format)

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