It is now (almost) over – India is out of World Cup 2007, after their bad performance yesterday and losing to Sri Lanka. Without any doubts Sri Lanka proved they are a much better qualified. The problem for Indian team has always been their unpredictable nature. One day they are the best, the next day they are the worst and loose to Bangladesh.  But for a World Class team and to be World Cup winners, consistency is most important and Indian team certainly doesn’t have it.

One good thing is School Students in India having their exams will not waste time anymore in watching late night matches but concentrate on their studies. For that thank you India team for losing!

Next few days media will write few columns on what went wrong for India and soon World Cup 2007 will be over, everyone will forget it. Then Media and Sponsors will start projecting the next Indian team as World Cup 2011 prospect winners and all of us can day-dream all over again.

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