Kaapaan (காப்பான்) was an action thriller with big dreams but little to show. Compared to the recent films of actor Suriya, this one by Director K V Anand feels better and that itself is a big stretch. The first half was quite engaging, with Suriya playing a government secret agent tasked with saving Prime Minister’s life in London and then in Kashmir – the locations and the camerawork were beautiful. We are impressed with the screen presence of Mohanlal who comes as India’s Prime Minister. Sadly, it is downhill after the interval – Arya being given little to do and hence he is unable to lift up the sagging screenplay, with Suriya distracted with dialogues about saving the farmers and their farmland.

The absence of any kind of chemistry between Suriya and Sayyeshaa was painfully visible. It is unbelievable that even in 2019, Kollywood heroes want to be shown as a master of everything. Our hero “Kathir” (played by Suriya) is:

  1. An India spy who has done clandestine operations in Pakistan!
  2. The owner of a large natural farm in the Tanjore district
  3. A researcher on organic manure
  4. A knowledgable botanist
  5. An expert dancer
  6. And the personal security officer cum advisor to the Prime Minister of India
காப்பான் (2019) - சூர்யா, மோகன்லால், ஆர்யா, சாயிஷா

காப்பான் (2019) – சூர்யா, மோகன்லால், ஆர்யா, சாயிஷா

I won’t call this a “bad” film, but it was close to being one. Having a powerful casting for the villain pair instead of Boman Irani and Chiraj Jani, and, by focusing on the saving of the prime minister’s life might have saved Kaapaan.

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