If you are doing Webpages in Indian Languages like Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, etc. and you want to embed dynamic fonts (fonts that are shown without being installed on your PC) you need two items:

  1. A tool to create Dynamic Fonts (EOT) – this can be done by the free Microsoft WEFT Tool (www.microsoft.com/typography/web/embedding/weft3/). Netscape’s Dynamic Font technology Bitstream has been discontinued a few years back.
  2. Apart from WEFT, you need the actual Open Type fonts for the language. Unfortunately, the fonts that ship with Windows XP or MS Office or MS BhashaIndia.com sites are copyrighted and cannot be used without an explicit license from Microsoft. So you need free Indian Language fonts to do this.

Govt. of India has released free Indian Language Software and Fonts CD for about 10 languages (and growing) on its ILDC.in website. You need to register here and download the fonts (www.ildc.in/GIST/htm/otfonts.htm) for the particular language you want.

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