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Bakasuran (2023), a convoluted revenge story

Bakasuran (2023) will be remembered for director Selvaraghavan‘s breathtaking performance as an actor, he effortlessly switches between being a nomadic devotee and being a killing machine. The performance of Natty who works on resolving why the killings happen matched with the former, and the film would’ve impressed the audience. It didn’t and the prosy screenplay didn’t help either. The film gets a raw in mangoidiots scale.

The film starts with a tragedy hitting the family of the character played by Natty, this gets forgotten soon after. From there, the story travels too far and wide for no obvious reason, as a result, we are unable to root for any of the characters. Devadarshini has done her role as an inspector well. The dance sequence featured Mansoor Ali Khan was dispensable.

செல்வராகவன் - பகாசுரன் (2023)
செல்வராகவன் – பகாசுரன் (2023)

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