This week (Post Deepavali) has been good to Chennai City for a couple of things.

After a month of frustrating traffic an hour, long traffic jams in T.Nagar Shopping District, driving on Monday & Tuesday (23,24 Oct) felt relaxed. On Monday at peak hour (7 PM), I was able to drive from my office (Habibullah Road) to Srinagar Colony (Behind Saidapet Magistrate Court) for a meeting in 15 minutes. I just wish every day is like this :-). The reasoning (do you need one?) for roads being empty – one after Deepavali people have to return at last to work, second, they are left with no money after all the Deepavali shopping.

Hyundai Donates 100 Accent Cars to Chennai City Police

Hyundai Donates 100 Accent Cars to Chennai City Police

In one move – Chennai City Police went to NYPD range. I was driving to my house and was surprised to see a stunning white colour Police Car fitted with Hollywood Police like Lights parked in a tea-stall in Thambiah Road (West Mambalam). For a minute I thought it was for a Hollywood Movie – Why in a Tamil Movie would they want this car, for Tamil Movies it is always a Colonial day Jeep which itself would have acted in over 10,000 movies. Reading the next day newspaper I realized that Hyundai India has donated 100 of these beauties (Hyundai Diesel Accent) to Chennai City Police Free. Critics might say it is a marketing move by Hyundai to make the Police trial run this, get hooked to it and then make them more. I just hope after 12 months, parts of these cars are not sold on the platform in front of commissioner’s office.

Last two-three days we have been having good down-pours here. Thanks to weather gods, all the reservoirs around the city are getting filled. Hopefully, this should help the city ride through the coming summer comfortably.

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