Thambi (2019) was the most expected film for this month – the acclaimed director Jeethu Joseph of Drishyam / Papanasam (2015) has directed this – Jyothika and Karthi are appearing as siblings. Director seems to have fulfilled the expectations, and the film was a good watch.

Karthi has done his role well. Jyothika, as always, has overacted but thankfully nothing overboard, and it was good to see actress Seetha as the loving mother. Even with all of them, it was veteran Sathyaraj who steals the show – the “multi-dimensional” role perfectly suiting him. Though she didn’t have much role, Nikhila Vimal who impressed us with her acting in Kidaari (2016) comes out attractive.

The film fell short of its potential due to the absence of a strong villain character and muted screenplay – for example, I could guess easily the suspense in the first half-an-hour itself. Anyone who has watched Papanasam will see unmistakable similarities, I noticed the underlying theme of accidental murders as one.

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