Finally after 5 days of hectic schedule, Teched 2005 in USA is getting over this hour. It has been an exciting week with in-depth technical presentations, larger than ever Expo Hall, labs and more.

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Since the event is covered in detail all over the Internet Media, I have instead listed below the top few items that I can remember after 5 days.

  1. Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 is getting released in the week of Nov 4th 2005
  2. BillG and SteveB have come up with a new slogan “a new way of work” that is aimed at making information more accessible
  3. Almost the majority ASP.NET 2.0 cool features like Master Pages and Themes are finally seeing the light of the day
  4. Windows server 2003 R2 is around the corner and it has features that will help in Branch offices setup or with File Replication scenerios
  5. BizTalk Server 2006 is coming up with enhanced Workflow and BAM features
  6. SQL Server Reporting Services is now available with all SKUs of SQL Server 2005
  7. Longhorn has some cool Imaging (Windows Imaging and Ximage.exe) functionalities. It also has Registry and File Redirection facility to run legacy apps that require admin rights to run as low priveleged users. I guess this is taking a leaf from the books of Antivirus that do port redirection and Virtual Machines technology. Anyways, this is a much neded feature in OS and I look forward to it eagerly.

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You can view many of the popular presentation online as a webcast from this site. You can also watch a video on Behind the Scenes at the TechEd 2005 Ballmer Keynote from here or Mikehalls blog

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft in Tech Ed 2005

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft in Tech Ed 2005

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