The Boss (2016) is a below average comedy film starring two actresses I enjoy watching – the talented Melissa McCarthy (from Mike and Molly) and lovely Kristen Bell (from The Good Place).

Michelle Darnell is a business leader who is rude and arrogant to everyone, she goes to prison for insider trading, on her release she is without a place to stay or any money, as all her assets have been attached by SEC. Her former secretary Claire and her daughter Rachel takes Michelle into their house out of kindness. The three together start a new business and make it big, to be seen taken it all away by a bad guy. Did they get it back?

Peter Dinklage as Rachel, the kid has done her role wonderfully. More than Melissa, I felt Kristen Bell was the star of the film. The first half of the film is boring and if you force yourself through it, the last 30 minutes was much better and a bit funny too. There is a hell lot of profanity in the dialogues – be forewarned!

Kristen Bell & Melissa McCarthy – The Boss (2016)

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