Yesterday I got tickets by chance to see the first cricket match of IPL 2011 season in the stadium. The match was between CSK (my home team) and KKR team. I had taken my son for the first IPL season but then he was not old enough to understood much and so didn’t enjoy. Now he is 7 Years old, plays Cricket in the street and so was super excited to be there at the Chepauk Stadium. For me, it meant being away from the comfort of home – AC, TV & Snacks. Anyways, the atmosphere was electrifying in the stadium and I was so happy that CSK won the match.

You can watch the highlights of the match from the official YouTube Channel here1st Innings of this match here, 2nd Innings of this match here.

8 April 2011  - Chennai Super Kings

8 April 2011 – Chennai Super Kings

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