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    Sundari (2021)

    Sundari (2021) is a Telugu drama featuring Shamna Kasim aka Poorna and Arjun Ambati. It is available on Amazon Prime Video and gets a ‘Raw’ rating. The film follows the life of a young bride hailing from a village, married hurriedly to a software engineer in Hyderabad after the hero falls in love after the first sight of her. Transplanted to a new environment, with no support system or family to comfort her, she is faced with solving an impossible situation in her own way. The story is not a new one, we have seen variations of it in Indian cinema and World cinema, but Sundari handles it in a…

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    Dikkiloona (2021)

    Featuring Santhanam and Yogi Babu, Dikkiloona is a romantic comedy with a dip of science fiction. It was released on Zee5 and gets a ‘Raw’ rating. If you can tolerate the half-wit screenplay and the belittling dialogues of Santhanam, the film does make you giggle in many places. Mani (Santhanam) is a lineman with Tamil Nadu Electricity Department, he gets access to a time machine in a lab run by rogue scientists, and with the help of his friend Albert (Yogi Babu) he travels back in time to remedy his marriage. The first attempt goes as per plan but then it is complicated. In the process, Mani discovers what is…

  • Another Life (2019)
    TV Show Review

    Another Life (2019)

    Netflix is on a spree producing Sci-Fi series. The latest is Another Life (2019) starring Katee Sackhoff. It is about a crew of astronauts flying the first faster than light (FTL) powered spacecraft in search of a planet from where an artefact seems to have landed on earth – who are the aliens, are they friendly or hostile? From the beginning, it was clear the series didn’t have many ‘new’ imagination, but thanks to right casting and good writing it kept me engaged to watch the whole Season 1. It starts with the arrival of an artefact from an unknown location, reminding us of the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).…