Nude Tuesday is a New Zealand comedy with a catchy title, naked scenes and crude dialogue. Yet this film in earnest was about exploring a couple trying to rekindle their love at a new-age retreat. It’s a funny and touching story that’s worth a watch. The film uses made-up language with subtitles, which adds to the charm and lets you focus on the characters’ expressions and actions. The film drags a bit in the middle, but it gets better at the climax. It’s a Raw from mangoidiots.

Laura is an ambitious executive who wants a promotion, while Bruno is a plumber who sells taps. Their marriage has lost its spark after having kids. Bruno’s mother sends them to a resort that offers a quirky way of couples therapy. There they meet a guru and his cult-like followers. Laura and Bruno are confused at first, and so are we, but then they start to open up and find themselves. This is the film’s strength. The film mocks everyone, including the guru who can’t talk to his own wife and son.

The lead couple Jackie van Beek as Laura and Damon Herriman as Bruno have been brilliant in their acting bringing out emotions without speaking much.

Nude Tuesday (2022)

Nude Tuesday (2022), a New Zealand comedy drama

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