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Tech Ed 2005 India: Avalon – The Future of UI

I am here in Mumbai for the 3rd leg of Tech Ed 2005 India. Earlier this month we have done it in Bangalore and Chennai. In this time Tech Ed, I am taking it easy, just doing one session and that too a light content one – on “Avalon”.

Following are useful links for my session on Avalon.

How to install Avalon:
1) Download and install Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 from MSDN Labs.
2) Download and install WinFX SDK Beta1RC from here.
3) Download and install WinFX Runtime Beta1 RC from here.

XAML Examples below:

Code 1 – Simple hello world example with XAML (WinFX Beta1RC version)

<br />
&lt;StackPanel xmlns=&quot;; &gt;<br />
&lt;Label FontFamily=&quot;times new roman&quot;&gt;  Hello World  &lt;/Label&gt;<br />
&lt;TextBox FontFamily =&quot;verdana&quot; AcceptsReturn =&quot;True&quot;&gt;  Hello World &lt;/TextBox&gt;<br />
&lt;/StackPanel&gt;<br />

Code 2 – Hello world example and an image inside a button with XAML (WinFX Beta1RC version)

<br />
&lt;Grid   xmlns=&quot;;&gt;<br />
 &lt;Button Width=&quot;200&quot; Height=&quot;200&quot; &gt;<br />
 &lt;TextBlock&gt;&lt;Image Width=&quot;100&quot; Height=&quot;100&quot; Source=&quot;C:\Samples\Venkat.Gif&quot; /&gt; &lt;LineBreak /&gt; HelloWorld&lt;/TextBlock&gt;<br />
 &lt;/Button&gt;<br />
 &lt;/Grid&gt;<br />