Came across this 2007 movie by Wes Anderson in some review online & saw the trailer in YouTube. The trailer for “The Darjeeling Limited” appeared to be interesting, so rented it for $2.99 from iTunes about a month back. Didn’t get to watch it with my vacation to Malaysia two weeks back and today the rental was about to expire, so watched it now.

The movie is about three brothers who have little in common, nearly zero bonding as siblings, traumatized with their father’s death few years back, a mother running away to faraway places for helping in charity. The brothers take up a “spiritual” journey across India in Train. What happens next is the story.

As it was a train journey I was expected to see beautiful pictures of India that was less travelled by road, pictureous places & interesting people in the movie. Instead I got none of that. The movie starts like a comedy, in many scenes you expect some humour but there is none, many scenes just run flat. Till the end I could hardly figure what is the Director trying to say. The female lead role is done by beautiful Amara Karan in her debut performance as a train stewardess “Rita”.

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