It is rare to see such a realistic and relatable movie made in Kollywood. Good Night (2023) is a story about marital problems caused by snoring. A simple screenplay, a perfect cast, and very little heroism with comedy that works have made this film enjoyable. I wish Director Vinayak Chandrasekaran had avoided a few medical science gaps and trimmed the running time a bit. Rewarding a fine attempt, the film gets a Ripe rating on our Mangoiditos scale.

K Manikandan as the protagonist shines in every frame. Meetha Raghunath has his love interest and his wife has played the subdued role very well. Joining them were Ramesh Thilak, who has given his career best and Raichal Rabecca. Director turned Actor Balaji Sakthivel has given a memorable performance. Music by Sean Roldan especially the Naan Gaali adds the necessary tempo to an otherwise flat sequence of events.

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