I find Actor Vimal in his films, speaks for hours, he comes out monotonous except in select films. Luckily, in this movie, he was enjoyable and funny. Deiva Machan (2023) was about the hero trying to get his sister married to a good bridegroom. Instead, the wedding gets into one complication after another. How the hero solves the problems and gets his sister married is the plot. It gets a Raw rating from mangoidiots, with a bit of innovative screenplay it could’ve easily got a higher rating.

I liked watching Pandiarajan as the father to the hero character. Vela Ramamoorthy was perfect as the imaginary saattaikkaran who comes in a horse. After a long time, the hero’s friend character in this case, done by Bala Saravanan contributes to the plot and has done a good job. The aunt character played by Deepa Shankar is meant to be funny, but her constant nagging on why her niece is not getting married was a good representation of the societal pressure.

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