Bigbug (2022) is a French science fiction that is available on Netflix. The story happens in 2045 when the residents and their friends of a house are locked inside by their androids when the world outside gets taken over by bad robots. Having a few people with past connections, in a closed place is a fantastic plot for telling interesting stories, unfortunately, Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet wastes the opportunity. The film gets mangoidiots’ rotten rating.

Alice is a divorcee living with her daughter in one of the neighbourhoods with hi-tech gadgets and android to do her bidding. Her lover and his son visit them, joined by her ex-husband and his fiancee, followed by their neighbour. Suddenly, the news reaches that the robots from a big tech company have staged a coup and are imprisoning and killing their human masters. Sensing the danger outside, the helper robots in the house seals the place, with the residents trapped inside. The initial twenty were intriguing and humorous. When we think, the director will explore the interpersonal conflicts or the attractions between the residents, we are provided with boring scenes and killer robots.

Elsa Zylberstein as Alice and Claude Perron as the maid robot have done their roles well.

Bigbug (2022)

Bigbug (2022)

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