What to do with all these?

I used to buy blank discs& cases from Singapore & the USA whenever I travelled, as in those decades they were expensive in India. There used to be many variants over the years: Write-once CD, Re-Writeable CD, Write-Once DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, Double-Layer DVD and so on; many required newer drives and latest OS support to work.

Blank Compact Discs and DVDs - Optical Discs

Blank Compact Discs and DVDs – Optical Discs

These are now sitting on my shelf for more than a decade. I don’t want to throw them – Marie Kondo to forgive – they may come to be needed, as data written on optical discs are supposed to last for a century. Though it is unlikely we will have the drives, OS & software to read and understand them at that time, a topic I have written in detail in this post: How to make our data accessible by our future generations?

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