Kilometers and Kilometers (2020) is a comedy road Malayalam movie starring Tovino Thomas and India Jarvis.  The film is about an American lady going on a tour of India with a Malayalam guide & driver on his Enfield bullet. The plot could’ve been used to narrate colourful stories but runs dry and on expected lines, manages a “Raw” Mangoidiots rating because of a good cast and their acting. It is available on Netflix.

Joseman (Tovino Thomas) is having a tough time making ends meet and pay the loans towards his house and his sister’s higher education. He loves his Bullet bike and takes good care of it. One day he gets an opportunity to earn good money by driving an American tourist Cathy (India Jarvis) around the country and thus the two begin their journey. Due to the language barrier between them and the cultural differences, they start on the wrong foot, but how that change is told in the second half.

More than Tovino Thomas and India Jarvis, it is Sidhartha Siva who comes as Vinay Bhai alias Sunny who impresses with his multi-language performance. A good part of the film happens in the colourful dusty lands of Rajasthan.

Kilometers and Kilometers

Kilometers and Kilometers

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