Enkitta Mothathe (2017) is a story that happens in Tirunelveli of the 1980s. Two artists Ravi (Natraj) and Nallaperumal (Rajaji) are young painters who draw tall film and political cutouts. While Ravi is a fan of Rajni, Nallaperumal is a fan of Kamal Hasan,  yet both of them are close friends and good in their work. While Nallaperumal is a soft character, Ravi is rough and tough who doesn’t hesitate to pick a fight. The friends cross the path of a local rowdy Vijay Murugan who is the hitman for bigwig in the town is Radha Ravi who owns theatres in the region. There are the usual fights and lot of blood spilt.  Meanwhile, Nallaperumal falls in love with a local cook’s daughter played by Parvathy Nair and Ravi loves Nallaperumal’s sister played by Sanchita Shetty.

I am not sure why the story has to be told in 1980s background if it was to show the fierce fan clubs that existed there, then that factor has been used only weakly. Overall, this is not a bad film but I couldn’t find anything that has not been seen in plenty other films.

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