5 Flights Up (2014) is a drama about an elderly couple trying to sell their apartment and buy a new one. Starring as the lead couple, Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton have effortlessly brought to life the mixed-race couple who have a different view on life but share a strong love between them. The pair turn an otherwise average film into something that was a delight to watch, as a result, get a Mangoidiots rating of “Ripe”. Truth be told, youngsters may not be able to relate to the story. It is available on Netflix India.

When you don’t have children, have lived together with your spouse for 40-years in the same place, what will you do to liven things? A good starting will be to change your house, and that’s what Ruth and Alex try to do – sell their Brooklyn apartment for a million dollars and buy a different one elsewhere. They like their place, but it was becoming difficult to climb the five-floors of stairs. The film shows the different types of people who come to see their apartment and the various apartments the couple go to see and buy.

5 Flights Up (2014)

5 Flights Up (2014)

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