Train to Busan: Peninsula (2020) is a sequel to the famous original film that came four years earlier. It follows a group going back to the Korean Peninsula which has been sealed from the outside world due to the Zombie infection. The film is engaging and thrilling and gets a mangoidiots rating of “Ripe”.

It is four years after the apocalypse in South Korea. Captain Jung-Seok and his brother-in-law who are living as refugees in Hong Kong are recruited along with two others by local mobsters to retrieve a truck loaded with currencies of US Dollars from Incheon where it is stuck. Though the outside world has sealed off the peninsula, the mobsters pay off coastal guards to have the group sent in. Inside the city, which is now dysfunctional and swamped with zombies, the group quickly faces insurmountable challenges – what do they see there and did they succeed has been told in a non-stop action film.

As we have seen in many dystopian films,  this film too presents a take on how a local society will organize itself when it is cut from the outside world and has to fight for its survival every single moment. Here we see Unit 631, the self-declared armed group that captures the uninfected and plays them on a gladiator style horror-game against the zombies and rides the city at night for any food.

Even after four years, how are the zombies still alive in what appears to be an environment void of any food & water?. Why the powerful mobsters are not using helicopters or powerful artillery for getting in and out of the city? – Few of the questions that comes to my mind

When the real world outside is still caught up in a pandemic, this film is probably not the best to calm your nerves, but if you like this genre and can handle it check out the film, I got worried but I liked it.

Peninsula 2020 (Korean: 반도)

Peninsula 2020 (Korean: 반도)

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